So what’s wrong with the English weather?…
Often a stressful time, but at Expatcar we will try and make this period as stress free as possible. We have a two phased approach to assisting you when that time has come to return home.


Phase 1

We will arrange to meet with you at any London Airport  or Hotel to collect your vehicle, leaving you with the use of your vehicle right up until the very last minute you may need it. Often we meet clients at airport drop off points as they unload their cases for the trip home.

We will agree a value for the car prior to this point, and subject to any undisclosed damage or problems with the car. Transfer funds to your account before you touch down back home

We use industry standard valuation guides to ensure you get a fair price for your vehicle, and in the event of damage of mechanical problems we will endeavour to have these rectified for the minimal cost we can

Phase 2

Arrival in the US: We work very closely with a number of US based companies, that supply a very similar service as Expatcar in the UK, for you when you know that you are going home. Let us know what you need and we will arrange for a US based company to contact you and assist with your requirements