Useful Information

People coming to the UK to work and live ask us many questions about cars and driving in the UK. You may find our list of frequently asked questions helpful on your arrival.


Should I buy a new car or a used car?

As they say, if the shoe fits, wear it! We are happy to offer terms on both new and used cars and although used cars depreciate slower, if you need a new car then we can help

What is the cost of insurance in the UK?

This will vary according to your location and the car you want, but as a rough guide about £500-£600 per annum in Surrey area and £800-£900 per annum in London.

What about car finance?

Subject to the vehicle being supplied by Expatcar, we can arrange a flexible finance package, usually within 24 hours subject to the provision of a few basic details.

What happens when I want to go home?

We will buy the car back from you at a realistic market price, even collecting the vehicle from you at the airport

What about servicing and repairs?

Where possible, we take care of all servicing and repair work and supply a “loaner” free of charge whilst we have your car. Payment for this service can be by cheque or card once we return your car.

What do you need in order to provide finance?

A full list of paperwork required is listed under on finance page

This sounds amazing! How much does it cost us?

Nothing! There are no costs to you.

How do I dispose of my car when the time comes for me to leave the U.K?

We will buy the car outright or sell it on consignment for you. We will supply this service even if we did not supply the car in the first place